Revisiting Urbanization

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Selected Investments

  • Rive: real-estate platform Rive (formerly known as provides an end-to-end solution for buying and selling homes. Started out as one of Europe's first iBuyers, Rive now provides customers with a suite of options, including direct cash offers, rent-to-own as well as brokerage solutions. We led the seed round of Rive back in 2018, and now count Adevinta, All Iron, IDC Capital and FJ Labs amongst its shareholders.
  • Raus (via Speedinvest): smart and sustainable cabins, close to your home. Raus gives you access to a large network of 100s of cabins in Europe where you can enjoy a brief, yet welcome, break from your busy city life. The highly-designed Raus cabins offer you all the amenities  you need for a revitalizing nature getaway. Speedinvest led Raus's first round of funding and co-invested with Airbnb cofounder Nathan Blecharczyk.